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Gandhi's failure to secure commutation of Bhagat Singh's execution has provided his critics a convenient weapon to attack him. He has been accused of making half-hearted effort and even deception - for the alleged discrepancy between his actual role and his public statements. This paper attempts to establish that while following a consistent approach towards revolutionary violence, Gandhi tried his best to save the lives of Bhagat Singh and his colleagues till the last moment. The paper also discusses Gandhi's strategy to focus on suspension rather than commutation of the death sentence.
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Did Gandhi get Rs. 100/- for ‘Personal Expenses’ from the British? No! It was allocated to the prison department.
A social media post asserting that a document sourced from the National Archives states that Gandhi used to be granted Rs. 100 monthly allowance by the British government is being widely shared. This allowance supposedly aimed to cover his expenses. The post, which has gained significant traction, insinuates a potential connection between Gandhi and the British authorities as suggested by the shared document. Let us check the facts. Read More
Scrutinized in the light of the recorded history these prove to be clever distortions to misguide the gullible. Gandhiji in those days was very active in the rough and tumble of politics. The proposal for partition of the country and violent reaction against it generated tensions which ultimately resulted in sectarian killings on a scale unprecedented in human history. For the ethnic Muslims, Gandhiji was a Hindu leader who opposed creation of Pakistan on sectarian grounds. Ethnic Hindus looked upon him as an impediment of their plan to revenge the atrocities on Hindus. Godse was a child of this extremist thinking.
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Gandhi was assaulted many times in South Africa. Several attempts on his life and threats to do him harm were made there.
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Was Mahatma Gandhi a qualified lawyer? If you are to believe the Lieutenant-Governor of Jammu and Kashmir Manoj Sinha, the answer is a resounding ‘no’. Speaking at ITM University, Gwalior, he said that the popular belief about Bapu’s educational qualifications was false. He said he spoke with definite knowledge that, other than a high school diploma, Bapu had no educational qualification.
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Up to 1960, the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded almost exclusively to Europeans and Americans. In retrospect, the horizon of the Norwegian Nobel Committee may seem too narrow. Gandhi was very different from earlier laureates. He was no real politician or proponent of international law, not primarily a humanitarian relief worker and not an organizer of international peace congresses. He would have belonged to a new breed of laureates.
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